📷▼MudHoney for 6 Republic
Briley Sofa with Pillows in Gold

* 6 colours available with texture change HUDs for pillows & blanket.

Wooden Mountain Art (above fireplace)

Briley Ceiling Fan

Briley Fringe Rug

📷▼MudHoney for FaMESHed
MudHoney Briley chair (Shown in Steel [far left] and Black [middle])

*10 colours available

📷▼ All Other Items
[From left]

Gilded Gold Room screens, by NOMAD

Mulberry Vintage Jewelled rug, by LISP

Vintage Handled Vases, by FANCY DECOR

Ming-style vases with plants, both by COMPULSION

Sideboard marble-top Glam Table with gold trim, by FANCY DECOR

Standing books with animal bookends, by FANCY DECOR

Hudson dressers in black (against wall), by THE LOFT

Royal Vase lamp, by APPLE FALL *Gift with purchase of store gift cards.

Potted Rubber Tree plant, by DUST BUNNY

Buddha statue, by JOMO

Gold tealight, by THE LOFT & ARIA

Pink Medinilla plant (on stool), by DUST BUNNY

Beham table/stool, by FANCY DECOR

Olive twigs in vase, by ARISKEA

Galatea candle holder with granite pot, by LLORISEN *Available with Novemeber Deco(c)rate.

White fireplace with candles, by FANCY DECOR

Magnolia Leaf wreath, by APPLE FALL

Vacant photo frame (left), by SOY

Wavy candleholder in bronze, by THE LOFT

White and Gold Chain photo frame, by FANCY DECOR *Group Gift

Photo holder, by FANCY DECOR

Cozy Table granite vase plant and wooden stool, by REVIVAL *Available with November Deco(c)rate.

Deer Head Bookends, by APPLE FALL

Ring lamp in black and gold, by FANCY DECOR

Abigail dining table and Bonham dining chairs, both by FANCY DECOR

Beham chair with cushion, by FANCY DECOR

Farmhouse candlesticks (on table), by {WHAT’S NEXT}

Coffee Sierra kettle and mugs, by {WHAT’S NEXT}

Laptop, by APPLE FALL *Free gift

Areca palm plant with wicker planter, by DUST BUNNY

Lotus Incense, by TA

Calla coffee table, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Crystals (on table), by HEXTRAORDINARY

Japanese iced green tea set (on table), by [[RH]]

Marble wall panels, by MONS

Jessica Chastain photos in frames, by SOY

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