Wearing some of my favorite things here…

SEMLLER Puppet Master Vintage Band (available for boys & girls)
SEMLLER Got You Covered elbow pads, skate with leash (went way too crazy with this gacha — really)
HIEMAL Joggers (they make me so skinny & male model-esque)
DEADWOOL Chase sneakers (they remind me of my RL Saint Laurent Classic Court sneakers)
FAKEICON Text socks (my favorite option is the one that says, “Fuck You”
ENTWINED Amelia hair (my go-to for long, wavy girly hair. P.S: 90% of the hair I wear is for the fairer sex. -..-)
SLEEPY EDDY Glasses Collection spectacles (Until I find something else, I’m never taking this off)

Click here for a music link.



Bedtime Stories_Fotor

I do own clothes in Second Life.
But my wife just loves me naked for her blog pics.

The black IONIC cat (left) is totally floating of the table… I’d like to think it’s because it was miffed that my wife requested the nudes I had on my wall be de-rendered.

Below was what the eye candy looked like…


Click the links below and start drooling.

Link 1
Link 2




Bratstarr LandscapingFlickrAdFotor

Attempted a set-up for an ad to be used in the landscaping/decorating business I share with my wife in Second Life.

Also put together a “plant dump”, which I then used to blog a BLUE SKY table setting the furnishing brand had for the day’s 50L special.


The results eventually made for a great Facebook banner pic (below).


Click the links below for a closer look.


For more information on Bratstarr Landscaping, please contact my wife Mayzatourment Resident, or myself, Littlebearstarr Resident in Second Life.