Fletcher T-shirt, by [DEADWOOL]

Broberry jeans, by [DEADWOOL]

Rope belt (from Bounty shorts), by [DEADWOOL]

Dart (on forehead), by THE BLACK FOREST

Flies (on face), by FAKEICON

Aristocrate facial studs, by AZOURY

Granta glasses, by MULLOY

Neck brace, by [HT+] by Corvus Szpiegel

Fighter’s Mark arm bandages, CERBERUSXING

Lethal Talons claws, by CERBERUSXING

Wolf pup, by JIAN

Group Gift Piper hair, by ENTWINED

📍Shot on location at Everwinter

🔍 Everwinter Flickr

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Japanese Tea Time_FotorPink

No prizes on guessing who my China doll is.

📷►Blue-Sky Porcelain vase set (pack of 3)
★Exclusively for Fifty Linden Fridays, 8 September ’17

📷► All Other Details
Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Oriental chair, by TROMPE L’OEIL

Wooden Reese cabinet, both MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Orchid, by THE LOFT & ARIA

Cigarettes & ashtray, by APPLE FALL DESIGNS

Maneki-Neko lucky cat, by + HALF DEER +


Asian MudHoney_Fotor2

Started blogging for MudHoney Designs and couldn’t wait to get my hands on their Asian-inspired Layla cabinets.


📷►MudHoney Designs Jolene wicker chairs

(6 colours | 18 animations (3 LI)

★Exclusively for Deco(c)rate September ’17

Also available (not pictured):-

★Jolene Lantern

★ Jolene Coffee Table

★ Jolene Rug

★ Mint Julep plant tray

The theme for this month’s Decor(c)rate box is Southern Comfort.

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📷► All Other Details

Mirror, by THE LOFT & ARIA

String tags (on mirror), by KALOPSIA

Oriental-inspired cabinets, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Thyme planter (under cabinet), by [ KEKE ]

Oriental-inspired bench, by THE LOFT & ARIA

Assorted cushions, all by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Starburst Mirror, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Brass pottery, both by THE LOFT & ARIA

Jaipur blue pottery (on cabinet), by ZAARA [HOME]

Orchid (on cabinet), by FANCY DECOR

Buddha statue, by JOMO

Sideboard table & crockery, all by [ KEKE ]

Glass and bamboo leg coffee table, by FANCY DECOR

Orchid (on coffee table), by VANDELO

Hourglass (on coffee table), by ARISKEA

Decorative bowl (on coffee table), by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Ornament box (on coffee table), by PLASTIK

Floral rug, by JUNK

Assorted books, by [ZERKALO] & Apple Fall

Potted plants, all by Dust Bunny

Oriental-inspired screen, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS