On ❤Mayza❤:-
Bodysuit, by VILLENA

Mineko Obi band, by LUAS

Mineko platform shoes, by LUAS

Cat ears with bells and ribbons (worn on head), by ALTAIR

Mesh Steking ears, by MANDALA

Angie hair, by DOUX

Mesh head, by CATWA

Mesh body, by MAITREYA


On Me:-
Cat hoodie, by TOMOTO

Turtleneck sweater, by [DEADWOOL]

High Cuffed jeans, by KALBACK

Aristocrate facial studs, by AZOURY

Lazio glasses, by MULLOY

Cross & Hoop earrings, by PUNCH

Romance socks, by FAKEICON

Sneakers, by [VERSOV]

Monique hair, by YSE

Mesh head & mesh body, by THE MESH PROJECT

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