WRITTEN IN THE STARS Gacha Collection  

01 Written In The Stars Starwagon RARE
✤ Doors open & close
✤ Drawers slid open & close
✤ 7 curtain & seat textures
✤ 7 Couple & 26 Single sit animations04 Written In The Stars Crate (on wagon door)
✤ Cover opens & closes05 Written In The Stars Magic Lamp (hanging on sides of wagon)

06 Written In The Stars Price List (on wagon door)
08 Written In The Stars Maps (far right, outside apartment door)
09 Written In The Stars Affection & Indifference (medical bottles on wagon shelf)
09 Written In The Stars Compassion & Schadenfreude (test tubes on wagon shelf)
30 Written In The Stars Water Cup [Set of 3] (on side of wagon)  

Written In The Stars Ballons Group Gift (behind wagon)  

The Story Behind The Collection…
“He has been traveling for 42 years now. Curiosity as a main ingredient of his essence quickly followed by his creative mind. Amazed by all the colors and hues of people, nature… he wanted to learn the way of life.How does it work, how are you, you and me, me? How is your path as it is and mine as it was till this day and how will continue, for how long? How we connect with some, how turn away from others? Can I change who I am, can you? So many questions yet the day has only 24 hours and he always knew he lives on borrowed time. We all do. As he aged he came to realize how perception of that changes, how younger self felt invincible and nowadays questions everything. Nothing is certain anymore, even tomorrow is so close yet endlessly far away. So he looks up the sky, the vastness of what has been before him for so long and will remain when he is no more. Or perhaps part of it. Mapping the stars, connecting the dots, following the patterns, looking for answers, making notes, adding new questions…But the sky stays silent. Keeping all the secrets to itself. So he continues to travel writing his observations, adding more questions, learning till one day sky reveals itself and embraces him with its answers…”
iBi , creative director, 8f8 

*Click here to view the gacha key.  

JOY Gacha Winter Joy Apartment RARE  *

Click here to view the full collection.  


☞ Includes all four seasons  

● PALETO Backdrop Dubois (far left)EQUAL10 Nov ‘20
● FOXWOOD Little Fawn│UBER Dec ‘20
● HIVE Fir Tree 

Click here for a music link.

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