☞ Spanish Country Home with…
✤ Footprint 42 X 35
✤ Fits within parcel size: 4096 sq. meter
✤ Land impact: 980 LOD2
✤ Land impact: 454 LOD4
✤ Copy/Modify

HISA Release Notes
A completely restored 16th-century hacienda, originally owned by the local Marqués and his family
and converted into an exclusive country estate, keeping many of the original details of this historic property.
The main house holds 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 dining room, kitchen and 1 living room.

A curved staircase decorated with original tiles leads to a loft area, the bedrooms and a decorative gallery.
In the courtyard you’ll find a garage and outdoor kitchen built around the beautifully gardened courtyard.
Secure and private.

The walls have been restored by using the traditional masonry and old sand stones.
Old beams, ceilings, floors and pillars have been preserved where possible or have been re-created.

The gate of the hacienda opens to an impressive entrance.
The home which was the country residence of many noble families is completely walled.
The main entrance leads to the courtyard, to your right you’ll see
the original goat shed , which has been converted to a garage. An outdoor kitchen with a wood fired oven
was added in 1724 in it’s own covered area that has lots of room to add a table and chairs set for outdoor dining.

All of the buildings have been finished to the highest standards.
Wherever you look and go you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the buildings and the gardens
☞ 4 colours
☞ 11 styles/shapes
☞ Land impact 2-6
☞ Copy/Modify 

MUGS & BOWLS SET Cloth Plaid
DACHA Crumpled Towel

EMPTY SPACES Buttercup flowers➵ *Group Gift  

● APPLE FALL Terracotta Vessel Collection (middle)

● ARISKEA Pine Small Plant Vase
● ARISKEA Louise Wood Sticks & Baies

● FUNDATI Ultimate Desert Pack

● HIDEKI Leaving The Matrix (3) Gacha Motorcycle │ EQUAL10 Aug ’20

● HIVE Magnolia Branch (far left, in terracotta pot)

● NOMAD // Classic Fountain (*water effect added for the photo)

● SOY Villa [The Mediterranean Stone House] Terracot Vases (left & right)

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