DaDWinsford_015V1 copy 4

๐Ÿ“ทโ–ผDaD VIRTUAL LIVING for UBER Jan ’19

โžต Land impact: 102
โžต A guesthouse extension of the DaD Winsford House
โžต Includes “add-on” snow roof + customisable walls

“The in-laws or the grown kids are coming to visit. What do you do??
You love your space, but enjoy when they come visit. There is a perfect solution.

The Winsford Guesthouse is part of the Winsford Collection, and is the ideal home to house your guests. It’s a lovely L shaped home that has enough room to make it comfortable and lots of windows to enjoy the outside from within. Or this could be the smaller home you’re looking to downsize to.
The home has an open floor that carries from one room to the next. The doors that separate the main room to the next room can be unlinked or opened and closed to your convenience.”

โ€” Sheerpetal Roussel, Designer, DaD Virtual Living

*View my interpretation of the Winsford House here

๐Ÿ“ทโ–ผSTUDIO SKYE store releases

โ— STONE PATH Building Set
โžต Purchase via Marketplace
โžต Includes all four seasons
โžต Also includes option without tree base

๐Ÿ“ทโ–ผMUDHONEY store releases

โ— AUDREY VASE (on porch, near door)
โ— AUDREY Sconce in Bronze
โ— GOLDEN ORB (on porch/stool)
โ— LAYLA Lattice Art screen (on porch, front of window)
โ— LAYLA Stools in Jade & White
โžต Also available in Black, Blue, Hot Pink, Orange, Pink, Red, Sea, & Yellow
โ— LAYLA Pottery (around pillar and steps)

*The LAYLA collection also includes Oriental-inspired cabinets.


๐Ÿ“ทโ–ผ DYNASTY store releases
*New store LM to be confirmed

โ— No.2 TEA CEREMONY – Porcelain Teacups (left, under tree/on stool)
โ— No.9 PEACEFUL PAVILION – Water Bowl (left)


๐Ÿ“ทโ–ผREFUGE store release

โžต Ren Lantern in Green (in house)


๐Ÿ“ทโ–ผMADRAS for store releases

โ— No. 10 SIDDHARTHA Gacha Face Decor RARE (Buddha head on porch)

DaDWinsford_015V1 copy


โ— APPLE FALL Hartley Fencing
โ— APPLE FALL Blossom Wreath (on Hartley Fencing gate/door)

โ— JOMO Stone Pillar
โ— JOMO China Guard Stone Lions
โ— JOMO Porcelain Vaseโžต *Group Gift

โ— DUST BUNNY Hanging Plants Double Planter
โ— DUST BUNNY Hanging Plants Ivy Planter
โ— DUST BUNNY Hanging Plants Spider Planter

โ— HIVE Macrame Hanging Plant in White
โ— HIVE Au Naturel Set Potted Tarzan Tree plant (left pillar)

โ— FANCY DECOR Flora Bowl (left pillar)
โ— FANCY DECOR Flora Basket (beside Buddha head)

โ— ALIRIUM Dwarf Forest bushes in Old Gold

โ— HEART Wildflowers Bougainvillea in Palepink

โ— HIVE Au Naturel Set Potted Tarzan Tree plant (left pillar)

โ— KOTTE Xin Nian – Mandarin tree | SHINY SHABBY Jan ’19

โ— CHEZ MOI Orchid Colours | SHINY SHABBY Jan ’19

โ— ARISKEA Shy Ivy Old Window Spring (panel with foliage to left of house)

โ— KALOPSIA Madeleine’s Ladder (hanging from house trellis)

โ— PLAAKA Skyplanter Ivy

โ— REVIVAL Sisal Rug

โ— JIAN No.8 Cuddly Corgis in Sable (Wanderer) | THE EPIPHANY Jan ’19

โ— AIR Shidare Sakura Tassel (foreground, on door handle)

โ— BOON-KURA Toro Nascent stone lantern (right)

Click here for a music link.

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