● DOPE SICK Goggles
➵ 100% original mesh, unisex design
➵ Frame in White only
➵ Polarized lenses : Medium, Light & Dark (shown here) options
➵ Rose-tint lenses : Medium, Light & Dark options
➵ Metals : Gold, Ice, Black & Rose Gold
➵ Front plastic detail : Pink, Black & White (shown here)
➵ Resize via click function
➵ Materials-enabled


📷● HOTDOG BAXTER Suit | TMD Nov ’18

➵ Includes Jacket, Trousers & Turtleneck top

➵ Turtleneck top for wear with Jacket only

➵ Includes 3 style packs: Bright, Striped & Faded (shown here)

➵ Includes texture-change HUD for Jacket, Trousers, Turtleneck top & Belt

➵ One slim size only
(*I’m wearing it on the Belleza Jake mesh body — particially alpha-ed)


● FAKEICON Fouri Furcoat

● RANDOM MATTER Drusilla Earrings
● RANDOM MATTER Marsandra Choker in Gold [Ivory]

● MAXI GOSSAMER Necklace – Rosary with Black Pearls and

● L’ETRE Ringed Mesh Ears

● AVI-GLAM Passion (right) & Solstice (left)

● AISLING Karishma Gacha Chain Bindi & Tears & Nose Ring & Chin (*I am wearing the Tears and 2 Chin studs only)

● [NIKOTIN] Classic cigarette – Nextgen

● ELUA Renee hair (*Extra bits hand-drawn for this pic)

● MAXI GOSSAMER Rosary Black Pearls Crucifix

Click here for a music link.

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