āžµ 12 Commons + 1 Rare (not shown)

[From left]
ā— Hellhound Rocking Horse (Rare)
āžµ Includes rocking animation and a mini decor version

ā— My Polaroids (on ground, near Black Side Cabinet)

ā— Spinal Candle (in black bowl on top of Side Cabinet)
āžµ Includes lit and non-lit version

ā— Side Cabinet in Black (left) and Blue (Right)
āžµ Also available in Brown

ā— Spinal Lamp in Silver
āžµ Also available in Copper
āžµ Includes On/Off light function

ā— Tri-Leg Stool
āžµ Includes 3 sit poses

ā— Pipe Shelving in Silver & Copper (against wall)

* Items not shown: Archind Teapot & Haunted Coffee Spoon Stirs Coffee

šŸ“·ā–¼LAGOM maintstore items

āžµ 16 Commons + 2 Rares

[From left]
ā— No. 18 Makeshift Sofa [ADULT]
ā— No. 15 Boxpile B (on floor, in the middle of room)
ā— No. 14 Boxpile A (not visible: On green trolley in back room)
ā— No. 16 Phonebox (carton in right room corner with mobile phone and plug)



ā–¶ {Left cartons & trolley area ā€” from left}
ā— ARISKEA Dairy Sage Container | KUSTOM 9 Mar ’18
ā— WHAT NEXT Coffee Sierra Kettle & Mugs in Cream
ā— SOY Cardboard Box Cart trolleyāžµ *Free gift
ā— ARISKEA Ophelia Fake Plant
ā— ARISKEA Dairy Plank Boxes | KUSTOM 9 Mar ’18
ā— FANCY DECOR Thulden Bowl (on side cabinet)
ā— GAMEPOLY Rolled Paper (on side cabinet, side of side cabinet and floor)

ā–¶ {Middle of room ā€” Clockwise from left}
ā— NUTMEG Rug Grayāžµ *Group Gift
ā— PLAAKA PenHolder FormingTools (on Side Cabinet)
ā— PLAAKA CeramicGlaze 1GAL paint bottle (on Side Cabinet)
ā— CHEEKY PEA Sorrel Potted Plant
ā— MILK MOTION Empty Wooden Coil | UBER March ’18
āžµ part of props sold separately or as a Fatpack with building shown
ā— HEXTRAORDINARY Cephalopod Candlelabra in Bronze (on wooden coil)
ā— HIVE Pink Caladium Plant | BLOOM
ā— HIVE Pink Kentia Palm Plant | BLOOM
ā— MUDHONEY DESIGNS Briley Ceiling Fan

ā–¶ {Black couch area ā€” Clockwise from left}
ā— PLAAKA Wash Bowl (green basin)
ā— PLAAKA Mortar (Glazes Filled) bowl (on top of paint tin)
ā— PLAAKA Bowl (on floor)
ā— ACORN Tall Pedestal Fan in Urban
ā— MILK MOTION Paint Buckets | UBER March ’18
āžµ part of props sold separately or as a Fatpack with building shown
ā— MILK MOTION Planks Floor (wooden planks under couch, also in back room near trolley ladder)
āžµ part of props sold separately or as a Fatpack with building shown
ā— DICTATORSHOP Chesterfield Adult Sofa
ā— HIVE Bird Of Paradise Plant V2 | BLOOM
ā— FIVE MINUTES AFTER Vintage Ladder trolley
ā— FLOORPLAN Wall Paper (sheets of paper on wall)
ā— ARISKEA Ophelia Succulent (on shelf)
ā— PILOT Rolled Paper Rack (foreground, far right)

ā–¶ {Ceiling lights & fans ā€” From left}
ā— BROCANTE Hanging Cage Lights in Black
ā— SIX 9 Caged Fan in Brown

ā–¶ {Outdoor decor ā€” From left}
ā— STUDIO SKYE Windswept Tree
ā— [WE’RE CLOSED] Wind Break Classic Stripe canvas divider
ā— HIVE Bird Of Paradise Plant V1 | BLOOM
ā— IONIC Scaffoldāžµ *Gacha item
ā— ANHELO-M39WA-177GA Block Wall (outdoor concrete fencing)

ā–¶ {HOUSE}
ā— MILK MOTION Under Construction Penthouse | UBER March ’18

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