Are you ready for NEO JAPAN?

Opening on Saturday, 31 March 2018, NEO JAPAN is a bi-annual event featuring some of Second Life’s most established designers.

*[LM: Coming Soon]

Click the following NEO JAPAN links for more info:-



[IN THIS PIC for NEO JAPAN March ’18]


ā— Haori jacket in Black & Skinny Jeans in Grunge Grey
āžµ Haori jacket also available in Beige
āžµ Skinny Jeans also available in Black, Beige & Grunge Brown
āžµ Haori jacket & Jeans compatible with Belleza Jake, Signature Gianna & Geralt, Slink & Tweenster
āžµ Includes HUD with On/Off inner shirt option for Haori jacket + 10-colour-change choices


ā— Yasha Horns in Black/Gold
āžµ Available in Black/Silver, Red/Gold or Silver & White/Gold or Silver
āžµ Includes 2 horn options: Type A (plain horn design)/Type B (printed texture)
āžµ Copy/Modify with “resize” script
āžµ Attachment method: “worn on nose”

NeoJapan Crop


ā— Wuji Taiji unisex bracelets
āžµ Includes texture-change HUD for beads, hardware & leather parts + On/Off Full Bright function
āžµ Copy/Modify


ā— AniMale V2.02 static poses
āžµ Includes 6 left/right mirrored poses
āžµ Bento hands compatible

ā— SINTIKLIA Irma hairāžµ *Group Gift
ā— SWALLOW Dragon Ears
ā— AZOURY Aristocrate facial studs
ā— RANDOM MATTER Marsandra Choker in Gold [Ivory]
ā— E.MARIE Heart Necklace in 14K Gold
ā— BJEWLA 7 Holy Bella Stacked Necklaces in Gold | TRES CHIC March ’18
ā— CERBERUSXING Salient Talons in Silver
ā— EARTHSTONES Devotion wedding ring
ā— [NIKOTIN] Classic cigarette – Nextgen
ā— LELUTKA Andrea Bento mesh head
ā— STRAY DOG Cody skin
ā— ARISE Meli under-eye makeup
ā— BELLEZA Jake mesh body
ā— IDENTITY BODY SHOP No Pain neck and arm tattoo

Click here for a music link.

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