SarahLouLou Test_1

📷▼REFUGE Updated Release
● Wish Bucket basin with roses and candles in Pink/Gold
➵ Available in 3 colours: Pink/Silver, Purple/Silver or Gold, Red/Silver or Gold
➵ Also includes candle-lit/non-candle-lit options


● SOY Antique Garden Tile Sink
● VESPERTINE Succulent & Moss Terrarium (on both ends of Tile Sink)*➵ Available this month at COLLABOR88
● [-BLUE SKY-] Mohave Cactus in Gold Edge
● [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE Suzukaze No.21 Kaeru frog (on cactus pot)*➵ Secret gacha item
● +HALF-DEER+ Everlight Votive Candles (in sink and on edge)
● FANCY DECOR Orchidaceae in Yellow
● DUST BUNNY Natural Habitat Potted Palm

*Rag on left Tile Sink edge, faucets and green hose are all part of the SOY Garden Tile Sink.


● APPLE FALL Unknown Specimen in bell jar
● ARIA Hyacinth Potted Strawberries
● [ KEKE ] Grwo Collection Watering Can in Green
● +HALF-DEER+ Everlight Votive Candle
● RANDOM MATTER Botany Samples jars

▶ {POTTED PLANTS & PROPS AROUND TILE SINK — Clockwise from left}
● SOY Superlong Potted Cactus
● DUST BUNNY Natural Habitat Potted Cheese Plant
● [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE Suzukaze No.9 Kingyo -Kuro- (Gold fish / Black)*➵ Gacha item
● BLACK BANTAM Ginger cat (She’s The Arcade’s 25pts exclusive and I’ve named her after my precious wife ❤)
● ARIA Torino Potted Double Stemmed Orchid B
● ARIA Maize Potted Orchid
● THE LOFT Napa Entryway Orchid (in corner with white pottery vases)
● FANCY DECOR Vintage Handled Vase*➵ Group gift
● ARISKEA Australia Orchid Plant in cement bowl/pot
● DUST BUNNY Amy’s Memorial Garden*➵ Free gift
● MARU-KADO Perfect Day For Laundry! Laundry Basket with cat*➵ Available this month at TMD
● FANCY DECOR Orchidaceae in Pink (beside Laundry Basket, partially shown)
● +HALF-DEER+ Sakura Petals in Pink (Colour has been modified for pic)

● SCARLET CREATIVE Carnaval 2 house

● ALIRIUM Dwarf Forest bush in Old Gold

Click here for a music link.

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