📷▼FAPPLE Camp Snoopy RLV Cage
➵ Fully mesh-made using Maya.
➵ HUD offers 6 colour options for cage + 10 colour options for cage mat.
➵ Equipped with 3 submissive animations: Sit, Kneel and Sleep.
➵ With AV Sitter Control script to enable Capture actions/animation.
➵ Includes Timer and other RLV options for added features.
➵ 30 name tag options by clicking plaque for HUD.


● THE BONDAGE BISTRO GACHA Mr. Grey Can’t See You Now horse sculpture (on staircase)
➵ New release for POCKET GACHA

Get your free HUD here

● The RODION GACHA Rodion Punishment Rack (on wall)

● The RODION GACHA The Dream of the Mare statue (on staircase)
➵ Available now via gacha play at the FAPPLE MAINSTORE

● Devi Tree bondage post
➵ with RLV capture for 6 submissives

➵* Find out more about FAPPLE on the FAPPLE BLOG


● SCARLET CREATIVE Gorgeous Rose in Stone

● SOY Vacant Frame Vertical

● DICTATOR Adult Chair

* Print in SOY frame, stylist’s own.

Click here for a music link.


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