● Menace Set Backpack
➵ Decor option of Menace Backpack included
➵ Decor option for Menace Backpack offers changeable strap textures
➵ Sold as a set that includes wearable/decor Menace Hammer & wearable/decor Menace Man-Trap
➵ Menace Hammer offers 2 Bento-held animations (one animation made for use with clothing)

📷▼REFUGE new release
● Selene Ottoman in Black
➵ Also available in Blue, Cream, Pink, Red, Purple & Teal
➵ PG/Adult options

▼[All Other Decor]
● SOY Vacant Frame (Vertical) in Black
● NEIGEUX Picture Frame Light No.1[BK]L
● ONSU FRQ Wainscoting Model. C Narrow 3 Panels (modified/enlarged and used as wall panels)

● DEADWOOL Baph sweater in Black
● SPIRIT Elysha Ripped Jeans
● COCO Shirt Around Waist in Buffalo Check Red➵ *Women’s item
● FAKEICON Basal Socks in Romance
● DEADWOOL Chase sneakers in Off White
● ELUA Renee low ponytail-knot

* Stevie Nicks portrait print in SOY frames, stylist’s own.

Click here for a music link.

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