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➵ 20 items (15 Common/5 Rares)

● Bistro Cunnilingus Chair RARE
➵ with Dominant & Submissive-enabled HUD/Menu

● Bistro Fellatio Chair RARE
➵ with Dominant & Submissive-enabled HUD/Menu

● Bistro Chair
➵ with Male/Female solo sits

● Bistro Table With Umbrella

● Bistro Table Small

● Coffee and Pastry (on Table With Umbrella)
● Coffee (on Table Small)
● Bistro Breakfast Cart

● Bistro Bar and Cage (in porch corner)
➵ with RLV capture HUD/Menu

● Fill my holes Box RARE (under Amsterdam timezone clock)
➵ with Dominant & Submissive-enabled HUD/Menu

● Bistro Sub Parking RARE rack (against fence)
➵ with Submissive-enabled HUD/Menu for kneeling animation

● Bistro Sub Pouf
➵ with kneel poses

● Bistro Flower Vase (on Table With Umbrella)
● Wooden Fence
● Bistro Art 1 (left, on porch’s brick wall)
● Bistro Art 2 (right on porch’s brick wall)
● Bistro Planter (by entrance of porch railing)
● Bistro Magazines (on porch floor)
● Sausage Training penis pacifiers (on porch floor)
● Mr. Grey Can’t See You Now horse sculpture (inside of house)

* Size of sculpture increased for pic. Added land impact applies.

➵* Read more about the THE BONDAGE BISTRO GACHA on the FAPPLE BLOG

▼[GARDEN DECOR — Clockwise from left]
● HPMD Garden Tree08 with Lights (behind fence)
● APPLE FALL Potting Shelf (against fence)
● FLOORPLAN wooden crate (packaging item used as a prop)
● [KEKE] Hard To Find Plates Stack (on Bistro Table Small)
● AISLING Stone Floor (part of the Old Fountain set)
● APPLE FALL Oxeye Daisy Patch (under Table With Umbrella)
● HAYABUSA DESIGN Grass with wind effect M5 v1-1 LPE T1 ground covering
● ARTISAN FANTASY Succulent Log Planters

▼[PORCH DECOR — Clockwise from left]
● :HAIKEI: Wanna Love You GACHA / {4} potted plant (under porch paintings)
● APPLE FALL Bea Reading Chair in Worn Leather (in porch area)
● SEVEN EMPORIUM The Filmore Factory Clock
● SEVEN EMPORIUM Filmore Los Angeles/Amsterdam Sign
● [KEKE] Hard To Find Bowls Stack (in porch area on Bistro Bar and Cage)
● FANCY DECOR Coffee Table
● JUNK Zebra rug
● ARISKEA Wild Boho Plant Hanger [Foliage]
● ARISKEA Miu Eucalyptus Potted jug (on floor)
● :HAIKEI: Belong To You / GACHA / {5} succulent terrarium (on floor)
● ZIGANA Hanging Books (under Amsterdam timezone clock)
● ZIGANA Bookshelf (on floor against glass paneled window)
● APPLE FALL Au Pain Sourbread Baguette loaves (on Bistro Table Small)
● APPLE FALL Crumpled Newspaper (on floor near magazine basket
● ARISKEA Ophelia Big Plant (size increased for photo)➵ *Available this month at FAMESHED

● SCARLET CREATIVE Gorgeous Rose in Stone

● SOY Vacant Frame Vertical (in second floor room)
● SOY Vacant Frame Horizontal (ground floor, above dining table)
● APPLE FALL Province Dining Table & Throw Cloth in Blue Gingham
● REVIVAL Convent Bench II (with pillows)
● REVIVAL Convent Bench I (without pillows, near horse sculpture)
● ARISKEA Freesia Ceilling Lamp in Caramel & Ocean
● ARISKEA Freesia Wood Marble Table
● THE LOFT & ARIA Zoete Flower Arrangment
● ARIA Olympia Vase With Gypsophila
● THE LOFT Alderan Rug Slate

* Prints in SOY frames, stylist’s own.

Click here for a music link.

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