📷▼REFUGE New Release
● Carnegie Lighting in Gold
➵ Also available in Black, Copper & Silver

● Valentine 2018 “Love” Frame
➵ Free gift

▼[Decor On Floor — From Left]
● +HALF-DEER+ Star Creeper Moss in Light Green (sold in a pack)
● ARISKEA Fluffy Eucalyptus Plant Yellow vase➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88
● PLAAKA Eucalyptus Polyanthemos (large plant)➵ *Gacha item
● {ANC} Cotton Bunny in Sugar (inside box & throughout)
● BAZAR Berlin Plant 1 (part of the Berlin living room set)
● FANCY DECOR Velvet Swivel Chair in Black & Grey➵ *Available this month at FAMESHED
● KALOPSIA Tag Lines (on portrait of girl)
● BAZAR Berlin Painting 1 (part of the Berlin living room set)
● BAZAR Berlin Painting 2 (part of the Berlin living room set)
● MARU KADO Balloon Chandelier➵ * Exclusive item for Feb ’18 Vintage Paris DECO(C)RATE
● BROCANTE Book Birdcage
● TUESDAYS Secret Boxes in Vintage➵ *Available this month at ENCHANTMENT
● SERENITY STYLE Bella Broken Mirror
● BAZAR Berlin Plant 2 (against wall; part of the Berlin living room set)
● BAZAR Berline Pots (part of the Berlin living room set)
● SOY Stacked Pots (part of the Herisson set)
● APPLE FALL Oxeye Daisy Patch (inside Herisson pot)
● FANCY DECOR Orchidaceae potted plant in Pink
● +HALF-DEER+ Book Clutter Stack in Pastel (also on sideboard shelf)
● NOCTIS Hortensias in Blue Willow Vase

▼[Sideboard Table]
● ONSU “May I Speak To The Manager” sideboard table

▼[Decor On Sideboard Table-top — From Left]
● +HALF-DEER+ Vintage Birdcage in Gold with/without Lights (used throughout)
● NOCTIS Blue Willow Vase with Hydrangea
● BAZAR Berlin Painting 3 (part of the Berlin living room set)
● ARISKEA Nordica Hybrid Roses in Peach vase arrangement
● FANCY DECOR White/Gold Documents rack
● ARISKEA Isabelle Hydrangea Vase in Rosy floral arrangement
● ARISKEA Freesia Crapsedia Vase floral arrangement (in centerpiece birdcage)
● RANDOM MATTER Pretty Girl Kitty Mirror in White➵ *Gacha item
● SOY Pinned Poster (on wall under Love frame)
➵ *Photo: My wife (Not for sale, priceless ❤

● [KEKE] Abandoned Art set in White

▼[Decor On Sideboard Shelves — From Left]
● ARISKEA Freesia China Vase Peony floral arrangement
● +HALF-DEER+ Book Clutter Shelved in White standing books
● +HALF-DEER+ Book Clutter Shelved in Pastel standing books
● TUESDAYS Secret Boxes in Beauty➵ *Available this month at ENCHANTMENT
● [KEKE] Book-S-Table in black stacked books
● BAZAR Paris Flowers arrangement (on stacked books)
● DUST BUNNY Hoya Plant
● FANCY DECOR White/Gold Office Supplies
● +HALF-DEER+ Book Clutter Stack in White

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