Rikki Men’s in Tuxedo
āžµ Comes with colour-change & back panel texture-change HUD for cap
āžµ Similar women’s option with long hairstyle also available for L$50.


ā— SEMLLER Vintage Band Shirt – Puppet Master
ā— SPIRIT Elysha Ripped Jeans
ā— KGS Kumaki sunglasses
ā— AZOURY Aristocrate facial studs
ā— PUNCH Hoop & Cross earrings
ā— RANDOM MATTER Marsandra Choker in Gold [Ivory]
ā— RANDOM MATTER Baroness Chain Necklace [Gold]
ā— DEADWOOL Chase sneakers in Off White
ā— FAKEICON Basal Socks in Text
ā— LELUTKA Andrea Bento mesh head
ā— STRAY DOG Cody skin
ā— BELLEZA Jake mesh body
ā— IDENTITY BODY SHOP No Pain neck and arm tattoo

ā–¼ [DECOR]

ā— +HALF-DEER+ Sakura Petals
ā— HEADHUNTER’S ISLAND Watermelon Milkshake Drink
ā— NOMI Fruitie Neko Gachaāžµ * Available this month at THE GACHA GARDEN
ā— JUNK FOOD Pizza My Heartāžµ * Available this month at THE GACHA GARDEN
ā— APPLE FALL Crumpled Newspaper
ā— MISH MISH Teddy Bear
ā— GARBAGGIO // Uncensored Charm No.7 Uncensored Charmāžµ Gacha item
ā— FOCUS POSES Flamingo Float prop (sold with poses)
ā— +HALF-DEER+ Love Succs – Heart Cactus (Set of 3 Cacti)āžµ Today’s exclusive Fifty Linden Fridays item
ā— +HALF-DEER+ Fast Food Clutter set
ā— COCK’ LICK’ OH Full-perm Burger set (in hand)


ā— Custom-made BURRger Bear pose, by Joe Stravinsky


Click here for a music link.

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