Corso Lighting pendent lamp in Gold

➵ Also available in Silver

📷▼On table
[From left]

Velvet Armchair in Plain Green and Pink, both by MILK MOTION➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

#16 Steal Yo Gurl (part of the Dashing Dalmations gacha set), by JIAN➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Industrial stool in Blue, by BROCANTE

Uekimuro succulent-02, by ROIRO➵ *Gacha item

Snowdrops in Cloche, by APPLE FALL

Fern Specimen, by APPLE FALL

Almut Terrarium – Succulent, by DIGS

Clipped Print Deer print & Clipped Print Floral 2 (on wall & mirror, respectively; sold as a pack), by [KEKE]

French Silver Framed Mirror, by NUTMEG

My Pet Adventure – Nighttime, by O.M.E.N➵ *Gacha item

Sacred Lotus Flower (sold with Lotus Flower pack), by [KEKE]

Fantasy Cloche Filler – Aura Crystal in Dark Purple, by +HALF-DEER+

Buddha statue, by JOMO

Goddess Incense, by [KEKE]

Lotus Bell Jar, by KOSMII

Unknown Specimen plant in bell jar, by APPLE FALL

My Pet Adventure – Safari Adventure, by O.M.E.N➵ *Gacha item

Magical Girl – Love Flower [Pink] – RARE bell jar, by RANDOM MATTER➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Memory of Life bell jar with green bush, by ARISKEA

Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche, by ZERKALO➵ *Gacha item

Curiosity Bust – Now & Curiosity Bust – Here, both by [KEKE]➵ *Gacha item

Flower diagrams prints, stylist’s own

Frames for flower diagram prints, by SOY

Apothecary Counter sideboard table, by DUST BUNNY & WINDSONG

Hexagonal Mirrors, by FANCY DECOR

Plume Print (Green) print & frame (against wall), by FANCY DECOR

Mr Darcy print & frame (on floor against Plume Print), by FLOORPLAN

Areca Palm Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Pilea Peper Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Yellow wainscoting panels, by ONSU

Floral wall, stylist’s own

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Contrax Mask (Black/Opaque Lens)

➵ Also available in Brown, White & Latex (with clear/opaque lenses).

➵ Sold individually and as a fatpack.

📷▼All other items
[On Me]

Corset Tophat, by SWaGGa

Piper hair, by ENTWINED➵ *Group Gift

Elven Cloak, by PFC➵ *Gacha item

Cvlt signet Bento ring, by CERBERUSXING➵ *Group Gift

Vagabond Lantern, by PFC

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

Jake mesh body, by BELLEZA

Cody skin, by STRAY DOG

No Pain neck and arm tattoo, by IDENTITY BODY SHOP


[From left]

Series 01 – Giant Attic Pile – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

The Dispensary Cabinet, by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS

The Dispensary Medicine Bottles (on cabinet), by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS

Snake Canister, by FANCY DECOR

Wall Paper, by FLOORPLAN

Medical drawings, stylist’s own

#22 MM2 Hanging Dolls 2 (Long Rope) (part of the Mystery Mansion 2 gacha set), by DRD

Frightday Skeleton in Dark, by CONSIGNMENT

Short Stool, by FANCY DECOR

Series 01 – Doll Cabinet – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

Series 01 – Attic Rugs – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

Series 01 – Coffee Table – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

Pose, by Joe Stravinsky

DRD (Death Row Designs) Shadow Boxes are monthly subscription exclusives.

Each series runs for 6 months with one box released per month.

Click the following links for more information:-


DRD Flickr Group


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We’ve loved and we’ve laughed

We’ve fought and we’ve made up

We’ve dreamed and we’ve slept

And now we’re staying together, we’re not about to give up.

I love you, S.

❤ J

On ❤Mayza❤:-

Sally Onesie, by VANILLA BAE➵ *Available this month at ANYBODY

SleepyTime.Gacha – MaskUnicorn in Pink, by OSMIA➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Unicorn bedroom slippers, by OSMIA➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

The Perky Hair top knot, by OLIVE➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Mesh head, by CATWA

Mesh body, by Maitreya

On Me:-

Jogging pants, by Vilenna

Conbination glasses, by SLEEPY EDDY

Mia hair, by ENTWINED

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

JAKE mesh body, by BELLEZA

No Pain neck and arm tattoo, by IDENTITY BODY SHOP

 Couple18 pose, by IC POSES

Swan Boat, by *IONIC*

Sweet Garden Grass08 (in water), by HPMD

White Wild Flowers – Queen Ann’s Lace, HEART

Pink Windflowers, by [KEKE]

Bush in Dwarf Gold, by ALIRIUM

Moon Bunny in Queen Blue, by COMET➵ *Available this month at ÉTOILE

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Kogyo-yo-remu gacha set (9 Commons, 1 Rare + Exclusive Item)

➵ Industrial Skybox

➵ Ladder-inspired Wall Shelves (left)➵ *Exclusive Item

➵ White Cabinet (left, beside Wall Shelves)➵ *Also available in Black

➵ Potted Bamboo (left, on White Cabinet)

➵ Cups & Plates (beside White Cabinet, on stool)

➵ Futon Bed (includes 8 Couple & 8 Single Animations)

➵ Curved Shelves (above bed and against wall)

➵ Calligraphy Scrolls (on walls)

Kogyo-Yo-Remu Skybox Gacha Key
Kogyo-Yo-Remu Skybox, by ASTEROIDBOX [Photo: by Jihye/Asteroidbox]

📷▼All other ASTEROIDBOX items
Calligraphic Curses gacha set (8 Commons, 1 Rare + 2 Exclusive Item) ➵ Released at past Lootbox event

➵ Curse Tree (left, on doll display box)

➵ Scroll Cabinet (beside bed)

➵ Wall Scripts – Destroy (on wall above storage space)

➵ Storage Table (against wall, under Asian-style cherry blossom painting)

➵ Brush stand (on Storage Table)

➵ Writing Set (on Storage Table)

➵ Calligraphy Table – Rare (beside Storage Table)➵ *Includes 4 sit poses)

Calligraphy Curses Gacha Key
Calligraphy Curses, by ASTEROIDBOX [Photo: Jihye/Asteroidbox]

➵ Maneki Neon etched painting (left, on wall above White Cabinet)

➵ Fish Koinobori Table Runner

➵ Lantern Ceiling Lights in Red

➵ Akuryou Neko cat ornament➵ *Group Gift (Click here to see a close-up image)

📷▼All other items
[From left]

Ichimatsu Ningyou Kingyo Vend doll display box), by ◎NAMINOKE◎

Porcelain vase (above doll display box), by [-BLUE SKY-]

Kuruwa- Decoration -Tama ball tassle, by [[RH]]

Lotus mural, stylist’s own

Kuruwa- Decoration – Crane tassle, by [[RH]]

White/Gold Documents stand (on ladder shelf), by FANCY DECOR

White/Gold Office Supplies (on ladder shelf), by FANCY DECOR

Japanese Vintage Books (on ladder shelf and part of The Curio Curiosity set), by TAKAODO

Hua Niao (New) tea set (on ladder shelf), by Cerberusxing

#8 Calligraphy Corner – Rolled Scrolls, by DYNASTY➵ *Gacha item

#1 Calligraphy Corner – Notebooks, by DYNASTY➵ *Gacha item

Wooden Stool – Aged (part of the Forest Spring Concert – Mini Event set), by HIDEKI

Kinbaku- KD- Spring Rain #3 Japanese doll couple, by FAPPLE➵ *Limited Edition hunt gift

Juniper Bonsai plant (on floor), by Cerberusxing

Nirvana Incense Bowl in Pearl (on floor), by [KEKE]

Handwritten Letters & Pen (on floor), by PEWPEW!

Nirvana Chair White in Floral, by [KEKE]

Japanese Pillows in Red & Gold, both by {ANC}

Apple Fall Royal Vase Lamp (on bedside Scroll Cabinet), by APPLE FALL➵ *Exclusive item with Gift Card purchase

Blue lacquer boxes (in corner storage space), packaging boxes by ARIA

Rolled Paper Rack (in corner storage space), by PILOT

Japanese Vintage Doctors Chair (part of The Curio Curiosity set), by TAKAODO

Cherry blossom mural, stylist’s own

Paint Brush Display (on Storage Table), by DYNASTY➵ *Exclusive Epiphany 25pts item

Japanese gift box (on floor), packaging box by [[RH]]

Sunlight, by HPMD

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Recently, my wife ➵ ❤ Daily Doll gave me this Chae hair, by Pr!tty, because she knows that 95% of my hair inventory is from the women’s department. [Cue laughter here]

I love it but I do also feel like I’m Jackie O in mourning…
Someone bring my omega hairstyle back, please. Ha!

Chae hair, by PR!TTY

Ernst turtleneck, by DEADWOOL

Peak Suit Tux trousers, by DEADWOOL

Cvlt signet Bento ring, by CERBERUSXING➵ *Group Gift

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

Jake mesh body, by BELLEZA

Cody skin, by STRAY DOG

Constellation stool, by FANCY DECOR

Pose, by Joe Stravinsky

I’ve also edited a black/white version of the pic but wasn’t sure if it were better than the colour option above.
What do you guys think?


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[From left]

Schefflera Tall potted plant, by DUTCHIE

Blanket Storage Table, by DUST BUNNY

Teapot and cup set in Nude, by [KEKE]

Old Ladder in Light, by WE’RE CLOSED➵ *Group Gift

Pothos potted plant (on top of ladder and part of the House Plants 2 set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Before Firing Ceramic pot (on ladder), by PLAAKA

Metal Box with/without Thyme (on ladder), by [KEKE]

Feather Incense Stand (on ladder), by {ANC}

Grey box (under ladder), REVIVAL packaging

Summer Bottle vases in Birdsong & Shade, by [KEKE]

Swiss Cheese potted plant (part of the House Plants 2 set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Sisal rug, by REVIVAL

Chesterfield Sofa, by NUTMEG➵ *Group Gift

Deer Skull (on wall), by APPLE FALL

Azalea Plant 2, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Lucia Potted Olive Tree, by {WHAT NEXT}

Sorrel Potted Plant, by CHEEKY PEA

Abstract Canvas floor paintings, by JUNK

Langston Floral Canvas painting, by DIGS

Picture Frames & Shelves in Dark Wood, by HAIKEI

Aradia Leaning Mirror (against wall), by THE LOFT & ARIA

Briley ceiling fan, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Art frames in White (against wall), REVIVAL

Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02, by BAZAR

Floral Chandelier, by MILK MOTION➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

Hanging Planter, by !ROIRO!

Repurposed Screen, by CHEEKY PEA

Palma Potted Plant (part of the Palma Decor Set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Pile of Vintage books, by NUTMEG➵ *Group Gift

Painter’s stool, by JUNK

Napa Entryway Orchid (on stool), by THE LOFT

Rattan Tote Carry in Light Blue➵ *Group Gift

Snake Plant (in tote bag and part of the House Plants 2 set), by {WHAT NEXT}

WoodCarving PolarBear 4, *CHRONOKIT*➵ *Gacha item

Unfolded Road Map [Texas] (behind tote bag), PILOT

Rustic Bench with pillows (part of the Rustic Table set), by REVIVAL

Cotton Bowl, by PLAAKA

Siamese cat, by JUST ANIMALS

Blue and white Porcelain Vases A & C (on floor), by [-BLUE SKY-]

Nirvana – Mind head sculpture, by [KEKE]

Branwyn Potted Sansevieria plant and stool, by THE LOFT & ARIA

Tabby cat, by JUST ANIMALS

📷▼On table
[From left]

Rustic Industrial Table in Brown, by NUTMEG

Design Books, by APPLE FALL

Overgrown Stacked Bucket potted plant, by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS

Palma Stack of Books, (part of the Palma Decor Set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Amelie Magnifiers (on top of Palma books), by APPLE FALL

Hoya Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Sword Fern (in red, blue and white pot), by NOCTIS

Before Firing Ceramic bowl, by PLAAKA

House Plant – Set of 3 (in ceramic bowl), by {WHAT NEXT}

Fragment skull in bell jar, by ARISKEA

October Spellbook, by PLASTIK➵ *Free gift

White Marble Box, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Pink Medinilla plant (on Marble Box and part of the Natural Habitat 2 set), by DUST BUNNY

Snowdrops in Cloche bell jar, by APPLE FALL

Nirvana Incense Bowl in Black, by [KEKE]

Scandinavian Barn house, by APPLE FALL

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