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 [From left]

● Rodion Punishment Rack (on wall, beside bed)
● Rodion Wall Table (beside bed)
● Letter Cube BDSM Pictures & Alphabets (on Wall Table)
● The Rodion Mask (on Wall Table)
● The Spanking Chair RARE (with Dominant & Submissive-enabled HUD/Menu)
● The The murder of Alyona Ivanovna picture (on Spanking Chair)
● Crime and Punishment Book (on Spanking Chair)
● The Spanking Guide diagram (against window)
● Silky Lube and Tissue (on sideboard cabinet)
● Letter Cubes (on window ledge)
● Letter Cubes Safe Word (on sideboard cabinet)
● The Rodion Cage RARE (with RLV-enabled “capture” menu)
● Pillory Drawers RARE (with RLV-enabled “pillory” menu)
● The Dream of the Mare statue (on Pillory Drawers)
● Letter Cubes My Rules (on floor)
● Rubber Carpet
● The Rodion BDSM Pommel bench RARE
● Rodion Lamp

➵* Read more about the Rodion Gacha on the FAPPLE BLOG

📷▼[All Other Items]
● THE LOFT Hudson bed in Black
● BAZAR Toronto Bed Lamp (on wall)
● APPLE FALL Buffolo Taxidermy 1➵ *Gacha item
● *BBQQ* Venetian Blinds
● APPLE FALL Industrial Sideboard cabinet (against windows)
● THE LOFT Napa Entryway Orchid (on sideboard cabinet)
● [KEKE] Readers’ Collection Book-S-Table in Black➵ *Available this month at UBER
● THE LOFT Pilar Floral Arrange vase & flowers (on Pillory Drawers)
● N4RS Clean Canvas
● FAPPLE Bank Control pig➵ *Available as Deco or with Tipjar & Donation scripts)
● OYASUMI Metal Stool Black
● PEWPEW! Though Polas polaroids (on Rubber Carpet)
● Sam’s Trash Bin crushed paper ball trash (wire basket bin not shown)
● SIX9 Caged Fan in Black (on ceiling)
● ON*SU Starter Apartment (*window view altered for this pic)

➵* All black & white photos are stylist’s own.

📷▼[On Model – Morgan Stone]
● STEALTHIC Paradox high ponytail
● VENUS SHOES Matilda Socks Heels Mary Jane stiletto pump
● OKKBYE Dramatic Falsies eyelashes for Catwa heads
● CATWA Bento mesh head
● MAITREYA Lara mesh body
● SHI.S Saddle (sold with a pose — not shown)

● Custom-made Horse On Fours pose, by Joe Stravinsky

Click here for a music link.

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