📷▼KOSMII for SaNaRe

Quartz Specs in Silver
➵ Also available in Gold & Black (with texture-change HUD for lenses).
➵ Sold individually and as a fatpack.

On ❤Mayza❤
● DEAD DOLLZ Evil Twins – Before dress
● LOCK & TUFT Ghost hair➵ *Available this month at THE AVENUE
● SOEDARA Smiling Face Cut Fresh mouth stitches
● [TWC] aka The White Crow Carmesi blood tears applier
● OLQINU Yamikawa Blood Nose Plaster [hurt]
● CATWA Bento mesh head
● MAITREYA Lara mesh body

On Me
● HAIKEI Ami:Hai Midsummer Memories Gacha kimono Rare
● AZOURY Aristocrate facial studs
● AII THE UGLY & BEAUTIFUL Septum➵ Free gift
● RANDOM MATTER Marsandra Choker in Gold [Ivory]
● PUNCH Cross earring
● RANDOM MATTER Girl Fight Pocket Knife in Green
● TRAM F1124 hair
● LELUTKA Andrea Bento mesh head
● STRAY DOG Cody skin
● BELLEZA Jake mesh body
● IDENTITY BODY SHOP No Pain neck and arm tattoo

Unreal Tokyo Backdrop [Happy Mental Clinic], by OLQINU
➵ *Available at KURENAI
➵ *Opens 1 Feb


She’s cute even when scary…


A closer look at the Unreal Tokyo Backdrop — (Happy Mental Clinic)


Click here for a music link.


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