➵ *Opens 1 Feb

Koi Tea Set (Sold individually and as a fatpack)

[Set includes]

➵ Koi Tea Table

➵ Koi Tea Zabuton (cushion)➵ *With Male/Female sits

➵ Formal Tea Tray

➵ Japanese Tea Set

➵ Japanese Tea Kettle

➵ Japanese Teacup

📷▼All other items
[From left]

Small Plants (on wooden steps), by IONIC➵ *Gacha item

Juniper Bonsai (on wooden steps), by CERBERUSXING

Peaceful Pavilion – Hand Fan (on wooden steps), by DYNASTY➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Japanese box (packaging by [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE)

Sword Fern potted plant (on concrete slab), by NOCTIS

Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – K (on concrete slab), by SOY

My precious ginger kitty Sarah LouLou the fish snatcher (The Arcade 25pts exclusive), by BLACK BANTAM

#9 Peaceful Pavilion – Water Bowl (on concrete slab), by DYNASTY➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Sakura Petals in Pink (strewn around), by +HALF-DEER+

Koi fish trio (flexi object)➵ *Search Pondlife’s Living Jewels in Marketplace (Creator: Eladon Galsworthy)

Individual koi fish➵ *Search Koi_Box (Creator: Gian.Allstar)

Design Random Field of Grass and Flowers M3 v2-1 t1 (in water), by HAYABUSA

{-MK-} My Little Pond Bowl, by {-MARU KADO-} & MATO➵ *Gacha item

Lotus leaves (part of the Sacred Lotus pack), by [KEKE]

Sakura Gankyu Wagashi (flower-inspired Japanese desert on wooden display), by SOUL MATES ➵ *Free gift

Shigaraki Tanuki lucky charm figurine (under tree), by [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE

#1 Calligraphy Corner – Notebooks (under Koi Tea Zabuton), by DYNASTY➵ *Gacha item

Japanese Maple M17-10-4 v1-1G tree, by HAYABUSA➵ *Monthly free gift

Concrete slab (for Koi Tea Set), stylist’s own

Emiko Courtyard Cottage, by TROMPE LOEIL➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

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