Corso Lighting pendent lamp in Gold

➵ Also available in Silver

📷▼On table
[From left]

Velvet Armchair in Plain Green and Pink, both by MILK MOTION➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

#16 Steal Yo Gurl (part of the Dashing Dalmations gacha set), by JIAN➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Industrial stool in Blue, by BROCANTE

Uekimuro succulent-02, by ROIRO➵ *Gacha item

Snowdrops in Cloche, by APPLE FALL

Fern Specimen, by APPLE FALL

Almut Terrarium – Succulent, by DIGS

Clipped Print Deer print & Clipped Print Floral 2 (on wall & mirror, respectively; sold as a pack), by [KEKE]

French Silver Framed Mirror, by NUTMEG

My Pet Adventure – Nighttime, by O.M.E.N➵ *Gacha item

Sacred Lotus Flower (sold with Lotus Flower pack), by [KEKE]

Fantasy Cloche Filler – Aura Crystal in Dark Purple, by +HALF-DEER+

Buddha statue, by JOMO

Goddess Incense, by [KEKE]

Lotus Bell Jar, by KOSMII

Unknown Specimen plant in bell jar, by APPLE FALL

My Pet Adventure – Safari Adventure, by O.M.E.N➵ *Gacha item

Magical Girl – Love Flower [Pink] – RARE bell jar, by RANDOM MATTER➵ *Available this month at THE EPIPHANY

Memory of Life bell jar with green bush, by ARISKEA

Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche, by ZERKALO➵ *Gacha item

Curiosity Bust – Now & Curiosity Bust – Here, both by [KEKE]➵ *Gacha item

Flower diagrams prints, stylist’s own

Frames for flower diagram prints, by SOY

Apothecary Counter sideboard table, by DUST BUNNY & WINDSONG

Hexagonal Mirrors, by FANCY DECOR

Plume Print (Green) print & frame (against wall), by FANCY DECOR

Mr Darcy print & frame (on floor against Plume Print), by FLOORPLAN

Areca Palm Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Pilea Peper Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Yellow wainscoting panels, by ONSU

Floral wall, stylist’s own

Click here for a music link.

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