Contrax Mask (Black/Opaque Lens)

➵ Also available in Brown, White & Latex (with clear/opaque lenses).

➵ Sold individually and as a fatpack.

📷▼All other items
[On Me]

Corset Tophat, by SWaGGa

Piper hair, by ENTWINED➵ *Group Gift

Elven Cloak, by PFC➵ *Gacha item

Cvlt signet Bento ring, by CERBERUSXING➵ *Group Gift

Vagabond Lantern, by PFC

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

Jake mesh body, by BELLEZA

Cody skin, by STRAY DOG

No Pain neck and arm tattoo, by IDENTITY BODY SHOP


[From left]

Series 01 – Giant Attic Pile – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

The Dispensary Cabinet, by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS

The Dispensary Medicine Bottles (on cabinet), by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS

Snake Canister, by FANCY DECOR

Wall Paper, by FLOORPLAN

Medical drawings, stylist’s own

#22 MM2 Hanging Dolls 2 (Long Rope) (part of the Mystery Mansion 2 gacha set), by DRD

Frightday Skeleton in Dark, by CONSIGNMENT

Short Stool, by FANCY DECOR

Series 01 – Doll Cabinet – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

Series 01 – Attic Rugs – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

Series 01 – Coffee Table – Dark, by DRD Shadow Box

Pose, by Joe Stravinsky

DRD (Death Row Designs) Shadow Boxes are monthly subscription exclusives.

Each series runs for 6 months with one box released per month.

Click the following links for more information:-


DRD Flickr Group


Click here for a music link.

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