[From left]

Schefflera Tall potted plant, by DUTCHIE

Blanket Storage Table, by DUST BUNNY

Teapot and cup set in Nude, by [KEKE]

Old Ladder in Light, by WE’RE CLOSED➵ *Group Gift

Pothos potted plant (on top of ladder and part of the House Plants 2 set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Before Firing Ceramic pot (on ladder), by PLAAKA

Metal Box with/without Thyme (on ladder), by [KEKE]

Feather Incense Stand (on ladder), by {ANC}

Grey box (under ladder), REVIVAL packaging

Summer Bottle vases in Birdsong & Shade, by [KEKE]

Swiss Cheese potted plant (part of the House Plants 2 set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Sisal rug, by REVIVAL

Chesterfield Sofa, by NUTMEG➵ *Group Gift

Deer Skull (on wall), by APPLE FALL

Azalea Plant 2, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Lucia Potted Olive Tree, by {WHAT NEXT}

Sorrel Potted Plant, by CHEEKY PEA

Abstract Canvas floor paintings, by JUNK

Langston Floral Canvas painting, by DIGS

Picture Frames & Shelves in Dark Wood, by HAIKEI

Aradia Leaning Mirror (against wall), by THE LOFT & ARIA

Briley ceiling fan, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Art frames in White (against wall), REVIVAL

Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02, by BAZAR

Floral Chandelier, by MILK MOTION➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

Hanging Planter, by !ROIRO!

Repurposed Screen, by CHEEKY PEA

Palma Potted Plant (part of the Palma Decor Set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Pile of Vintage books, by NUTMEG➵ *Group Gift

Painter’s stool, by JUNK

Napa Entryway Orchid (on stool), by THE LOFT

Rattan Tote Carry in Light Blue➵ *Group Gift

Snake Plant (in tote bag and part of the House Plants 2 set), by {WHAT NEXT}

WoodCarving PolarBear 4, *CHRONOKIT*➵ *Gacha item

Unfolded Road Map [Texas] (behind tote bag), PILOT

Rustic Bench with pillows (part of the Rustic Table set), by REVIVAL

Cotton Bowl, by PLAAKA

Siamese cat, by JUST ANIMALS

Blue and white Porcelain Vases A & C (on floor), by [-BLUE SKY-]

Nirvana – Mind head sculpture, by [KEKE]

Branwyn Potted Sansevieria plant and stool, by THE LOFT & ARIA

Tabby cat, by JUST ANIMALS

📷▼On table
[From left]

Rustic Industrial Table in Brown, by NUTMEG

Design Books, by APPLE FALL

Overgrown Stacked Bucket potted plant, by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS

Palma Stack of Books, (part of the Palma Decor Set), by {WHAT NEXT}

Amelie Magnifiers (on top of Palma books), by APPLE FALL

Hoya Plant, by DUST BUNNY

Sword Fern (in red, blue and white pot), by NOCTIS

Before Firing Ceramic bowl, by PLAAKA

House Plant – Set of 3 (in ceramic bowl), by {WHAT NEXT}

Fragment skull in bell jar, by ARISKEA

October Spellbook, by PLASTIK➵ *Free gift

White Marble Box, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Pink Medinilla plant (on Marble Box and part of the Natural Habitat 2 set), by DUST BUNNY

Snowdrops in Cloche bell jar, by APPLE FALL

Nirvana Incense Bowl in Black, by [KEKE]

Scandinavian Barn house, by APPLE FALL

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