Recently, my wife ➵ ❤ Daily Doll gave me this Chae hair, by Pr!tty, because she knows that 95% of my hair inventory is from the women’s department. [Cue laughter here]

I love it but I do also feel like I’m Jackie O in mourning…
Someone bring my omega hairstyle back, please. Ha!

Chae hair, by PR!TTY

Ernst turtleneck, by DEADWOOL

Peak Suit Tux trousers, by DEADWOOL

Cvlt signet Bento ring, by CERBERUSXING➵ *Group Gift

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

Jake mesh body, by BELLEZA

Cody skin, by STRAY DOG

Constellation stool, by FANCY DECOR

Pose, by Joe Stravinsky

I’ve also edited a black/white version of the pic but wasn’t sure if it were better than the colour option above.
What do you guys think?


Click here for a music link.


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