➵ *Event is open now till 31 Dec 2017

[From left]

Wooden Mountains (on shelf above couch)
➵ *Gift

Brown paper gift boxes & black/white/black & white polka-dot presents, ribbons/gift tags/wrapping paper (under couch & on carpet)
➵ *All Gacha items

Star Orn in Brass christmas tree decoration (hanging off mantle)
➵ *Gacha item


➵ *Event is open now till 25 Dec 2017

Larson Fireplace
➵ Available in two colours: White or Black/White (shown here)
➵ Touch logs to turn fire OR to fireplace shadows On/Off

Larson Garlands in Wood & Soft (hanging off mantle edge)
➵ Sold in a pack of 5 colours

Larson Stocking holders (the wooden blocks on mantle)
➵ Sold in two separate packs of 5 Modern (geometric) & 5 Plaid designs.

📷▼All other items

[From left]

Harmon floor lamp, by THE LOFT & ARIA

Golden Pinapple Deco sculpture, by NOMAD➵ *Gacha item (Rare)

Brown/white Present Pile (part of the Nordic Winter Fatpack), by DUST BUNNY

Black Marble side table, by FANCY DECOR

Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche, by [ZERKALO]➵ *Gacha item available this month at THE IMAGINARIUM EVENT

The Hours Shelf, by REFUGE

Books & Bookends (on shelf), by FANCY DECOR

Noelle Candles, by MUDHONEY DESIGNS for Dec ’17 Winter Wonderland DECO(C)RATE

Abandoned Art bust sculptures (on shelf), by KEKE

Snowflakes (hanging under shelf), by FANCY DECOR

Babette Three-seater Couch & cushions, by ARIA

Mannequin Cat busts, by MARU KADO➵ *Gacha items

Winter Olive Bucket, by SARI-SARI

Birch Logs with Belt, by APPLE FALL➵ *Gacha item

Happy Santa Figures (on each side of fireplace), by APPLE FALL➵ *Free gift

Spark pendant lamps, by REFUGE.

Balts Dry Flowers (hanging off mantle), by *LODE*

Frosted Lanterns, by [KEKE] Dec ’17 Winter Wonderland DECO(C)RATE

Gladiolus Vase (on mantle), by *LODE*

Bauble garlands (on picture), by +HALF-DEER+➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

Wall Crystal Sconce lamps in Silver, by FANCY DECOR

Picture frame, by [KEKE]

Picture in frame, by Korean artist Daehyun Kim, blogger’s own.

Alpine Christmas Tree in Traditional, by +HALF-DEER+➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

Heritage Christmas Tree in Golden White (combined with Alpine Christmas Tree), by APPLE FALL

Poinsettia Pots (on floor by Fireplace), by [DDD]/Dyfunctionality

Holiday Nutcraker toy (by tree), by {What Next}

Present pile with red ribbons (part of the Traditional set), by +HALF-DEER+➵ *Available this month at COLLABOR88

Golden Shade – Tree Lamp, by [ZERKALO]➵ *Gacha item available this month at THE IMAGINARIUM EVENT

Toy rocking horse (part of the Nordic Winter Fatpack), by DUST BUNNY

Boxes (on couch)➵ *Unpacked boxes from +HALF-DEER+ and [KEKE]

Concrete Angle Statue, by GET STUFF

Box (under angle)➵ *Unpacked box from KALOPSIA

Silver & Marble side tables, by FANCY DECOR

[On side tables]

Gold box➵ *Unpacked boxes from MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Plush Teddy Bear, by MISHMISH

Wrapped presents, all by MUDHONEY DESIGNS

Upside-down Snow Jars, by PEWPEW! for Dec ’17 Winter Wonderland DECO(C)RATE

Nordica Hybrid Rose in Red with glass jar, by ARISKEA

Lighted bell jar, by DUST BUNNY

Geometric rug, by THE LOFT


Decor(c)rate is a monthly mystery box for pre-order before the 8th of each month.

Click the links for more on Deco(c)rate:-




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