Bunny Bean chair from the Holly Jolly Bean Bags gacha collection

➵ 17 Commons & 3 Rares

📷▼All other FAPPLE items

[From left]

Valet Male & Female clothing rack (sold separately)

➵ with poses & animations + colour texture HUD

Devi Tree bondage post

➵ with RLV capture for 6 submissives

Tolstoj rug & sidetable (beside bed)

➵ Sold with The Tolstoj Set (Adult)

*Rug is copy/modify and has been tinted for this photo.

The Favorite’s Cushion (on Tolstoj rug)

➵ with 25 different poses: Kneeling, sitting, eat, drink, playing cards etc… + props for male/female avatars.

📷▼All other items

[From left]

Palmistry Tapestry, by LiViD

String Lights – Coloured, by DUST BUNNY➵… this month at TANNENBAUM HOLIDAY MARKET

Japanese ladies scroll paintings, by TSURU’S ARTIFACTS➵ *Available this month at KURENAI

Potted cactus, by FLOORPLAN

Rolled Paper Rack, by PILOT

Taped Posters, by SOY➵ *Hentai pictures, my own. LOL❤

Afterdark Banana Neon Light, by TORO

Pop Culture Neon Sign Maneki Neko cat, by {VESPERTINE}

Potted Orchidaceae in Pink (on pink shelf), by FANCY DECOR

Botany Test tubes (on pink shelf), by RANDOM MATTER

Chroma Glass Shelf in Pink/Gold, by +HALF-DEER+

Fuck Me neon sign, by FLOORPLAN

Deer bauble gacha, by LYBRA ➵*Available this month at TANNENBAUM HOLIDAY MARKET

Gay Lights Bear neon sign, by HK DESIGN➵ *Gacha item

Animal Wall Drawing Sketches (on wall), by PEWPEW!

Cat drawing (on wall), by MAHOU

Shidare Sakura Chinese-knot tassle (on The Devi Tree), by AIR

Oracle lamp in Ivy (on the Tolstoj sidetable), by RANDOM MATTER

Maneki Neko cat (on the Tolstoj sidetable), by +HALF-DEER+

Your Bed Is Always Messy mattress bed, by SOY

Chroma Glass Shelf in Mint/Gold, by +HALF-DEER+

Ceramic Friend Pot with Succulent (on mint shelf), by MISH MISH

Medical Marijuana neon sign, by FLOORPLAN

Elephant Soft Toy Kandy Decor Gacha, by MESH INDIA➵*Gacha item

Shidare Sakura twig with flowers, by AIR

Vampire Bite neon sign, by FLOORPLAN

Unfinished Wallpaper mural, by BROCANTE

Babygirl neon sign, by {MOSS&MINK}➵*Gacha item

Fumixukue Japanese-style low desk, by [[RH]]

Kuruwa-Zubuton Japanese cushions (on floor), by [[RH]]

Sleeping cats, by [[RH]]

Click here for a music link.

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