Reindeer Dance_Fotor

Hide Haten jacket, by GHOUL➵ *Available this month at KURENAI

Elysha ripped jeans (for TMP), by SPIRIT

Aristocrate facial studs, by AZOURY

Glasses, by SLEEPY EDDY

Septum, by AII THE UGLY & BEAUTIFUL➵ *Free gift at KURENAI

Piper hair, by ENTWINED➵ *Group Gift

Gladiolus Wreath in Black (worn on the head), by *LODE*

Heart necklace, by E.MARIE

Marsandra choker in Gold, by RANDOM MATTER

Classic cigarette – Nextgen, by [NIKOTIN]

Yamikawa Blood Hospital Bracelet (worn on left wrist), by OLQINU➵ *Available this month at KURENAI

Red Bear Bungee bracelet, by *KATA0NIK*

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

JAKE mesh body, by BELLEZA

No Pain neck and arm tattoo, by IDENTITY BODY SHOP➵ *Available this month at MEN ONLY MONTHLY

Glitter Lanterns On Sticks, by [KEKE]

String lights, by DUST BUNNY➵ *Available this month at TANNENBAUM HOLIDAY MARKET


Click here for a music link.

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