But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit…

DaddyLight Test_BlackWhiteNoise

Jacket and shirt, by GABRIEL

Elysha ripped kinny jeans, by SPIRIT

Aristocrate facial studs, by AZOURY

Granta glasses, by MULLOY

Fanella hair, by TRUTH

Marsandra choker in Gold, by RANDOM MATTER

Devotion wedding ring, by EARTHSTONES

Salient Talons in Onyx, by CERBERUSXING

Socks, by FAKEICON

Sneakers, by VALE KOER

Andrea mesh head, by LELUTKA

JAKE mesh body, by BELLEZA

No Pain neck and arm tattoo, by IDENTITY BODY SHOP *Available this month at MEN ONLY MONTHLY


Click here for a music link.


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