Wearing some of my favorite things here…

SEMLLER Puppet Master Vintage Band (available for boys & girls)
SEMLLER Got You Covered elbow pads, skate with leash (went way too crazy with this gacha — really)
HIEMAL Joggers (they make me so skinny & male model-esque)
DEADWOOL Chase sneakers (they remind me of my RL Saint Laurent Classic Court sneakers)
FAKEICON Text socks (my favorite option is the one that says, “Fuck You”
ENTWINED Amelia hair (my go-to for long, wavy girly hair. P.S: 90% of the hair I wear is for the fairer sex. -..-)
SLEEPY EDDY Glasses Collection spectacles (Until I find something else, I’m never taking this off)

Click here for a music link.


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